Simplifying Fitness

Simplifying Fitness

Hello Feminal Fam !! Happy Wednesday :)

Fitness can be totally overwhelming especially if you're just getting started. There is so much information that it's sometimes hard to know what works and what doesn't. Not to mention the influx of instagram influencers promoting different things (some good, others not so much). The fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry which means that there are a lot of products, programs, guides, eating styles, etc. out there. So today we're going to try to help you simplify your fitness journey. 


1. Recognize that this is YOUR journey. No one is you, remember that what works for others might not work for you. Take advice from people and companies that align with you, your goals and your vision. It's okay to tweak things to make them your own, in fact, that's exactly what you should do. You can like a certain approach to fitness but maybe a few things don't really line up with you, switch them up so that they do !! No one has the rules for your fitness journey, you get to make them up because it is your journey. 

2. Trial and error. Try something, if it doesn't work for you let it go and try something else until you feel comfortable. Health and fitness is a lifestyle, whatever it is you do you want to enjoy it and make sure it feels good to you. Have patience, it's okay to try something and not like it. 

3. Bring it back to the basics. Sometimes too much information can be detrimental to our growth. Have you ever been given so much information that you don't know what the next step is? You're stuck in this analysis-paralysis state that doesn't help you move forward, if anything it turns you off and gets you further away from your goals. Take baby steps and implement little changes one by one, see what works and get rid of what doesn't. 

4. Don't sweat the small stuff !! Too often we get caught up in the small details. Oh so and so is doing it the way so I have to do it exactly like that. Nope, you don't. That same thing for these 'cheat meals', one cookie, one night out enjoying yourself with friends is NOT going to ruin your progress. If anything it will feel good to let loose, hang out with your friends and enjoy life a bit. So you ate a few cookies at the end of the day, who cares. I bet you they tasted great so don't sweat them, enjoy and tomorrow it's back to work. 

Hopefully you found these tips helpful, leave a comment down below with any tips you have to simplify fitness !!


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